Burnes Home Accents / Recesso Lighting / Burnes Lighting / Terragraphics / Whitman Books: 
Divisions of Anderson Press, Inc.


Burnes Home Accents: Custom Framing and Lighting Companies. As the Senior Designer for Burnes Home Accents, Terragraphics, Recesso Lighting and Burnes Lighting. My focus was product development and packaging for the above companies. These exciting projects included developing products for The Burnes Home Accents line of custom frames and home accent items. I created packaging and presentation collateral for a stellar sales team. Our products were sold to "big box' department stores that cover the United States, Canada and Mexico. Feature product and packaging included celebrities such as Vern Yip, Paige Hemmis, Candice Olsen, Kenneth Brown and Paula Deen. 

Terragraphics was the high end product line that was featured in department stores sch as Macy's and Nordstrom.

Recesso Lighting and Burnes Lighting were divisions that we started after acquiring Recesso. Recesso featured from high end to economical lamp covers and boasted a revolutionary attachment component that allowed you to change shade covers with relative ease.























Publishing Company. As the Senior Designer for Whitman Books/Anderson Press publishing house, I designed sports and entertainment books—along with a whole host of diverse projects that came to the team. I coordinated a team of freelance designers and photographers to accomplish these tasks. I have prototyped and created all the web collateral for Whitman’s websites—CollegeVaultBooks.com/ WhitmanVaultBooks.com—from concept to execution. I have designed books ranging from Michael Jackson, Elvis, our president Barack Obama, NASA, major athletic programs in the SEC, ACC, Big 10, PAC 12 and Big 12. While working for Whitman, I published over 70 titles in books. The list to the left is one of just a few titles I've produced.

As a professional, I believe that to be successful, you must first know your product, know your competition and know what your customer wants! Provide me with the opportunity to better understand your business. My goal is to assist with your success by coming up with graphic solutions that allow you to be recognized and stand out in your industry. With my technical know-how and stunning design work, I can bring your visual projects to life in ways NEVER before imagined! 

I look forward to working with YOU! "Let's Create Something Great Together!"

1998-2006 Montgomery Advertiser.
Marketing / Prepress Manager /
Ad Services Manager /
Advertising Designer 

I was hired as a designer to maintain many of the newspaper's "high-dollar" accounts. As a designer, I received the Artist-of-the-Year award from the Gannett Newspaper Company three years in a row, 1998-2000. During that time, I was promoted to Graphics Team Captain and then Graphics Team Coordinator and  Trainer.

2001, I was promoted to Advertising Services Supervisor (ASD Manager). My duties then were to maintain and organize the layout and production in all 14 newspapers and supplemental products produced by the Montgomery Advertiser. During this time, I was put through the Zenger Miller Management Training Courses.
Later, the departments ASD and Prepress were combined under my leadership. As the ASD/ Prepress Manager, my new job responsibilities were to maintain the daily production schedule of all the Advertiser's print products. This included the creation of the daily products, collection of daily print collateral, production of final imaging to negatives and delviery to the pressroom. While holding that position, Prepress had gone from 87% on time to 96% on-time press starts.
I later accepted the position of Market Development designer where my duties were to aid in the self-promotion of the Montgomery Advertiser and assist in market research and productio of presenation and rate card collateral. Designing advertising campaigns and promotional print items, along with maintaining current campaigns in the newspaper were just a few of my duties. I worked closely with the Marketing Research Manager to produce market studies and territory analysis. I have created promotions and presentations for groups such as the City of Montgomery, Jubilee CityFest, Montgomery’s Battle of the Bands, Montgomery and Prattville Chamber of Commerce, the Rosa Parks Museum and Library and many more.




Freelance Designer.


As a freelance designer, I have worked and am working on many titles—from children's books to sports and entertainment coffee-table books. Titles will be revealed upon book releases. One of my most recent exploits that I am very proud of is soon to be released! The University of Alabama Crystal Edition will be in stores nationwide! (I feel I must confess now—I AM NOT AN ALABAMA FOOTBALL FAN! Ugh! But I must admit, this book is fantastic! From cover to cover, I created a keepsake that every "Bama fan" will love. It covers the covers years of recent greatness that was Alabama football and illustrates all of their triumps in vivid glory. The book includes 3 lithographs that can be framed and viewed for years to come! 


I've also been working on a couple of children's books that I will give more explanation to as the publication dates get closer.





Barack Obama: The 44th President • Auburn National Championship Vault • ELVIS: A Tribute to the King of Rock 'n' Roll Platinum Edition Vault Book • Michael Jackson Vault : A Tribute to the King of Pop 1958-2009 • AVATAR COLLECTOR'S VAULT BOOK • The President / The First Family Limited Edition 2 Vol. box set Obama & Michelle • The Gospel Vault: Edition One & Two • The Sarah Palin Vault (2010) • The Civil War Vault • The WWII Vault • The SPACE Vault • The Rose Bowl 100th Celebration • The White-Tailed Deer Vault • The Bass Fishing Vault • Voice From Haiti Vault • The FBI Vault • Auburn - Alabama Rivalry Football Vault • University of Alabama Crystal Edition • Washington Redskins Football Vault: The History of a Proud Franchise •

Buffalo Bills Football Vault: The History of a Proud Franchise • Boston Celtics Basketball Vault: The History of a Proud Franchise • The Los Angeles Lakers Basketball Vault: The History of a Proud Franchise • Gator Greats: Profiles of Champions • Saban Autographed University of Alabama Football Vault •

Ole Miss Football Vault • University of Arkansas Football Vault • University of Wisconsin Football Vault • University of Colorado Football Vault • Georgia Tech Football Vault • University of Illinois Football Vault • University of Minnesota Football Vault • Purdue University Football Vault • Boston College Football Vault • Rutgers University Football Vault • University of Virginia Football Vault • University of Pittsburgh Football Vault • University of Tennessee Football Vault • Texas Christian University Football Vault • University of Iowa Football Vault • University of South Carolina Football Vault • University of Oklahoma Football Vault • UCLA Football Vault • University of North Carolina Basketball Vault • University of Tennessee Lady Vols Basketball Vault • Florida-Georgia Rivalry Football Vault • University of Maryland Football Vault • Mississippi State University Football Vault • Oregon State University Football Vault • University of Mississippi Football Vault • Montana Football Vault • Boise State Football - A Photographic History • Cotton Bowl Classic Vault • University of Alabama Football Vault • Georgetown Basketball Vault • Virginia Tech Football Vault • The Penn State Football Vault • The University of Alabama Football Vault •

The University of Alabama National Championship Vault • BYU Football Vault: History of the Cougars • Texas A&M Football Vault • University of Texas Football Vault • The Ohio State University Football Vault • The University of Kansas Basketball Vault • The University of Connecticut Basketball Vault • University of Notre Dame Football Vault • The University of Texas Football Vault • Clemson University Football Vault • University of Utah Football Vault • West Virginia University Football Vault • Kansas State Football Vault • Kansas State Basketball Vault • Miami Football Vault • LSU Football Vault • Florida State University Football Vault • University of Michigan Football Vault • University of Syracuse Basketball Vault

2006-2007 Finished Art Inc.

In February of 2006, I was hired to work with the fine artists at Finished Art Inc. This group of 15 independent designers specialized in "high-design." The client list of includes products such as Coca-Cola, Motorola, AT&T/Cingular and many more. My position charged me with the management of designing deliverables of packaging for Motorola's Walkie-Talkie division. I also serviced many of the projects with AT&T. This high energy and highly creative atmosphere was a true joy to be a part of. 


1997-1997 DP Fitness:

Freelance Graphic Designer.


During my college Senior Project, I was offered a job at DP Fitness. My first job as a Designer! Here I was a freelance designer that was responsible for creating console artwork for exercise equipment. I also produced the user manuals, packaging, user's guides, and promotional collateral. DP Fitness serviced notable product lines such as: Body by Jake, Vitamaster, Susanne Summer's Thigh Master, along with their own product brand. This was very interesting job and gave

me a strong introduction to the

professional world.


This was also before the advent of the reasonably-sized storage devices.

[Does anyone have an EZDrive cable, or an OMEGA Drive cable with a MAC adaptor? Let me know. Those things are hard to come by these days... I also have a bunch of ZIP disks that need formatting. Oh well, here's to designing in Aldus Freehand and QuarkXpress. Cheers! 

I remember saving my first project on a FLOPPY disk. Am I showing my age?]






1994-1997 The Auburn Circle:

Design Director.​


While a student at Auburn University, I toiled and struggled to finally become the Design Director at the prestigious Auburn Circle—Auburn's Art and Literary Magazine. This was high quality stuff! My job was to help collect submissions from my peers in the art department and recruit volunteers to help promote and circulate the magazine. Every year, we had to go before the student government and lobby our cause and explain why the campus needed to spend $2,000 every 3 months to promote the arts on campus. It's funny how we would always draw up a proposal and defense... and yet, none of them ever read it! They would ask questions that were plainly written in the summary.

"Kinda sounds like today's politics. LOL."



Diversified Products


Auburn's Art & Literary Magazine